DayZ Standalone Game server hosting by GamingDeluxe. Order one of our quality cheap high profile DayZ SA game servers today and our fully automated system will build your server and send you your DayZ Standalone server details in only 20 minutes!

Our control panel allows you to start, stop and restart your server and edit configs files in a few clicks. We have a custom time Zone option so you can choose the time of day your server is. You can schedule restarts to when you like using our integrated BEC system, this will also place in game messages into your server advertising your clan.

All of our DayZ Standalone server rentals are run on our high end Dell Servers E3 / E5 processors 1gb connections, making our DayZ Standalone servers some of the best in the world. All servers will be set up instantly. You can pay for your servers using our clan pay option and all come with a free mumble server and 1gb of web hosting.


DayZ Standalone Servers – From £0.96 per slot
Server Locations:
United Kingdom
Buffalo – New York

We offer friendly expert support daily from 10am until 10pm via msn, irc and our ticket system. Your server is guaranteed a low gaming latency featuring on our custom built Gigabit Gaming Network to make sure you get perfect bullet reg at affordable prices.

Wait… We”ll also throw in:
Free Debranding (Save £3)

Shard Type Std Public Private Slave Private Master
Unique server name tick tick tick
1st / 3rd Person tick tick tick
Server time tick tick tick
Server restart tick tick tick
MOTD tick tick tick
Kick abusive players tick tick tick
BEC tick tick tick
BEC logs tick tick tick
Full rcon access tick tick tick
Lock / Unlock casino pa natet Server tick tick tick
Kick / Ban players tick tick tick
Private shard tick tick tick
£0.96 p/slot
£1.00 p/slot
£1.36 p/slot
Dayz Standalone Hosting Dayz Standalone Hosting Dayz Standalone Private shard Master
Please note: To host a private shard you must order a Master server first. Slave licenses are for additional servers connected to a master.
  • Set Custom Time Zone
  • Start / Stop / Restart the Server
  • Scheduled restarts
  • BEC Intergrated as standard

GamingDeluxe have been hosting Game Servers for 10 years now so we know what you require from a game providor. We are gamers our selves and your custom is valuable to us, we will reply to your support ticket within 10 minuites maybe less.

DayZ Standalone is a follow up from the DayZ mod for Arma II, but the standalone version now enables you to play it without having Arma II. DayZ Standalone is a multiplayer, open world, survival horror game, in which most of the population have been infected with an unkown disease turning them into zombies! Your character is one of the few survivors and your aim is to try and stay alive by: hunting for food, water, weapons and medicine and fighting any enemies you may encounter – zombies and maybe other players.

Not only the zombies in DayZ Standalone can kill you a number of other thing can aswell – being starving or thirsty, catching a disease and not having any medicine, other players and not bandaging up bad wounds. Here is a useful tip for DayZ: If you”re bleeding but dont have any bandages remove your shirt, right click it and tear of a rag- to use as a bandage (doesn”t work if your shirt is wet).

Trust us to make your DayZ Standalone server one of the best in the world.

Order a Dayz Server from GamingDeluxe!

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